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PT Nordic provides the following return and warranty policy (the “Return and Warranty Policy”) for its products purchased directly from PTINSTRUMETNS via telephone or PTINSTRUMETNS website and a limited warranty for its thermal camera products that are purchased directly from PTINSTRUMETNS (collectively “Covered Products”). All time periods for allowable returns and limited warranty claims run from the date (the “Purchase Date”) that a purchaser first purchased Covered Products

Return Policy For Covered Products
Covered Products in their original packaging may be returned for any reason within 30 days after the Purchase Date.

Limited Warranty For Covered Products
Covered Products are warranted for one year from the Purchase Date against defects in materials and workmanship. Seek will remedy a breach of this warranty either through repair or replacement of any affected Covered Products.

Effective Date, Revisions and Privacy Policy.
This Return and Warranty Policy shall be in effect as of the date listed above and may be revised at any time by Seek. Any purchaser of a Covered Product will only be bound by the version of the Return and Warranty Policy in effect at the time such purchaser purchased the Covered Product.

Warranty Claim - Initial Procedure.
If you discover what you believe is a breach of the warranty for a Covered Product, please contact PTINSTRUMETNS customer support at