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About us

About Precision Technic

Precision Technic of Oslo, Norway was founded by CEO Henrik Swärd in 1995. The company roots back to 1959.

The company has an in depth experience of thermal imaging with more than 30 years in the business. Amongst the competencies of Precision Technic are thermal systems, portable X-ray systems, test and measuring.

Precision Technic annually holds seminars and courses in these technologies. Precision Technic has been appointed as General agent for Seek Thermal in the Nordics.

Company info: 

VAT. Number: 874 368 032

Visiting Adress:

Presisjons Teknikk AS
Grenseveien 99, 0663 OSLO, Norway



Our history: 

1959 - Ingeniørfirma Wilberg AS was founded

1959 - Clorius A/S Chooses Ingeniørfirma Wilberg AS for distribution of regulation valves in Norway

1985 - Præcions Technic A/S was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark

1975 - AGA Infrared System Chooses Ingeniørfirma Wilberg AS for distribution of thermal cameras in Norway

1995 - Presisjons Teknikk AS was founded in Oslo, Norway

1995 - TSI Instruments Inc. Chooses Presisjons Teknikk AS for distribution in Norway

1996 - Presisjons Teknikk Regulering AS was founded

2001 - Presisjons Teknikk AS acquires Ingeniørfirma Wilberg AS

2004 - Introduction og Themography days (Europes largest Thermography Conference)

2005 - Precisions Technic Nordic AB was founded Gothenburg, Sweden

2006 - Presisjons Teknikk AS is now an official Certified service center

2007 - Minneapolis BlowerDoor chooses Presisjons Teknikk AS for distribution in Scandinavia.

2011 - Vision Research Inc. chooses Presisjons Teknikk AS for distribution of advanced high-speed cameras in Scandinavia.

2014 - Presisjons Teknikk AS merges with Presisjons Teknikk Regulering AS

2015 - Henrik Swärd acquires 100% of shares in Presisjons Teknikk AS

2016 - Seek Thermal Inc. chooses Presisjons Teknikk AS for distribution in Scandinavia.

2019 - Opgal Optronics Industries Ltd. chooses Presisjons Teknikk AS for distribution in Scandinavia.